Ma Pi Leng – The Legendary Pass

Ha Giang travel is certainly familiar to many people, there are many attractions in there but Ma Pi Leng may be the most experience because it will bring to you a wonderful trip that can not describe in words.

Ha Giang – the top Vietnam location is not only famous for its buckwheat, the Lung Cu flagpole but also is known for the craggy cliffs, the legendary pass, and Ma Pi Leng pass is one of them. Ma Pi Leng – the name is not new, is the first choice for tourists who want to explore Ha Giang.

Ma Pi Leng is the name of the rugged pass of Ha Giang, about 20 km long. It is located on the road called “Happiness”, connecting Ha Giang city, Dong Van district, and Meo Vac town. Ma Pi Leng in Mandarin is “horse’s nose”, that mean the horse that goes through the pass will also stop breathing.

Ma Pi Leng Pass, while not long, but is the most rugged pass in the northern mountain. It is referred to as the “king” of Vietnam passes. In order to complete this road, there are thousands of workers from all over the northern provinces working hard day by day, and it had done in 11 months. Originally, the Ma Li Leng pass is just wide enough for pedestrians and cart, later, it is expanded more than for automobiles, but still very dangerous because the two cars are very hard to avoid each other in the opposite direction. Once completed, Ma Pi Leng pass was seen as the “Great Wall” of Vietnam. On the top of the pass placed a stone tablet recording the pass mark on road construction, which is also to memory and remember those who have sacrificed, contributing his life to make the Happiness road.

Ma Pi Leng pass with one side is the deep chasms, another side is the erect cliff, which has been a big challenge to those who preferred adventure. After crossing the slopes, visitors set foot on the top of Ma Pi Leng, will suddenly surprise the majestic mountains appear in the sky.

Nothing can portray the layer upon layer, mile upon mile of the mountain, the magic of the cloud, the depths of the abyss, and the green Nho Que river at the foothills. With the majestic scenery, the visitors will think that they are almost halfway up the sky.

With rugged terrain and spectacular unspoiled scenery, Ma Pi Leng Pass deserves as one of the “big four Pass” of the northwest region of Vietnam (alongside Pha Din Pass, O Quy Ho pass and Khau Pha Pass). Standing on top of Ma Pi Leng, watching the majestic landscape, this is the most experience that can not be said. Just that, the name of Ma Pi Leng make those who passion in traveling will desire to arrive, and certainly, they will return many times more.

Ha Giang travel agency will not be complete if you skip Ma Pi Leng pass, so make sure that you do enjoy there before leaving.

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