Ha Giang travel is certainly familiar to many people, there are many attractions in there but Ma Pi Leng may be the most experience because it will bring to you a wonderful trip that can not describe in words. Ha Giang – the top Vietnam location is not only famous for its buckwheat, the Lung

The northeastern border province of Ha Giang boasts majestic scenery, geological features, a diverse eco-system, rare fauna and flora, and the unique cultures of 22 ethnic minorities, but has yet to realise its enormous tourism potential, tourism officials said. The province has seen average annual growth of 32 percent in the number of tourist arrivals

Ha Giang, 8 August 2017 – Ha Giang City launched its first Community Learning Centre (CLC), providing experimental education and mental health care in support of comprehensive child development, and training of students and community members. With a focus on the provision of educational as well as mental healthcare services, the CLC is highly anticipated

The second Tam Giác Mạch Flower Festival will be organsied in the northwest province of Ha Giang between October 14 and 16. The festival will be held in the districts of Đồng Văn, Quản Bạ, Yên Minh and Mèo Vạc. The annual festival will include various activities like camping, folk singing, games and farming on

TREKKING INFORMATION One of the best ways to explore and enjoy the Dong Van Geopark is by foot. Trek through the mountains, local villages and be surprised by the enthousiastic and welcoming local minority people. Watch out you don’t drink too much Local wine and make sure you make enough pictures to remember this unique

Pu Peo ethnic group is one of the ethnic groups in Ha Giang province. Up to now, there are over 700 people. Over the past few years, ethnic groups in the northernmost point of the country have been paid attention to by the Party and the State. Especially with the Pu pao people, they have

Ancestor worship of the Lo Lo people in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province is an intangible cultural heritage belonging to the category of social and religious beliefs included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List 2012 by Sports and Tourism. This is a traditional tradition of Lo Lo people, held annually

Ha Giang – the northernmost land of the Fatherland with 22 ethnic groups living together with cultural diversity. Coming to Ha Giang on the middle days of the 10th lunar month, tourists will enjoy, immerse themselves with the festival “pestle pulling” – a unique, pristine and mystical festival of Pa Then People. There are 5,975

Coming to Lung Cam cultural tourism village in Sung La commune, Dong Van district, it will leave in each person’s heart the special feeling of human beauty, special features in tangible and intangible culture which are still preserved almost intact here. The village is located among the romantic valleys, with 61 households living in the

Let’s explore Dong Van through the eyes of a western traveler who is adventurous and passionate to explore Vietnam. If you search on Google for “Dong Van”, you will probably not see many results because, until 2013, the border mountainous district in northeastern Vietnam is still under military control. To visit this place, foreign visitors